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Tony the Tailor reserves the right to charge in advance for alterations and dry cleaning. As of April 2020, a pre-pay policy for all alterations and repairs is in effect. Deposits for complex alterations may be required.

As a courtesy to our tailor, all garments brought in for alterations are expected to be clean, smoke and animal hair free.

Alterations and dry cleaning prices may be subject to change, depending on the type of work and material.

We do not take responsibility for defects or inherent weaknesses that are not readily apparent at the time of drop off.

Our dry cleaning service is dedicated to ensuring you 100% satisfaction. If we cannot remove stubborn stains in a safe manner, no further attempts will be made to ensure your garment is not damaged. You will be notified of such attempts.

Goods left unclaimed after 60 days will be donated.

Verbal abuse and harassment of any kind to our employees are not tolerated.  We reserve our right to refuse service as a result of abuse or harassment by the clientele.

We reserve the right to refuse service.

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