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Face Mask FAQ's

We have had a lot of questions regarding our face masks.
Here is a little FAQ to hopefully answer your questions and concerns.

How do you wash/care for the face mask and how often?

Our face masks are made from durable cotton (cotton twill, cotton denim, linen, cotton weave etc.) and should be washed in warm water, mild detergent and tumbled dry low or hand washed and hung to dry completely. Store your mask in a plastic zip lock when not in use.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that you clean your mask regularly after frequent use. Please see link below for more information on cloth masks and role in slowing the spread of viruses like COVID-19.


Canada's Public Health Services also has some information regarding face coverings:

How much are your masks?

Standard masks (all sizes, randomly selected colours)    $6 +gst 

Special Order Colours (Dark Navy, Black, Custom)           $8 +gst

Masks with adjustable nose wires                               $9  +gst

Pocket Masks for Filter Insert                                     $8 +gst

Lumberjack or Viking sizes with nose wire                   $10 +gst

Why are your masks priced so low when others are offering masks for much more?

Initially, the decision to price our masks at $5 is made by the shop owner Kieu, who felt that in this unprecedented time, it is only fair to make masks that are reasonable for everyone. As a small, family-owned business, the pandemic has definitely affected business and the economy but we remain optimistic and would like to do what we can to support our community. As of June 15, 2020, we had to increase our standard, random masks to $6+gst so we could enlist some like-minded help and source more supplies for the increased demand. Our cost covers the bare minimum of production and our masks are neither superior nor inferior to those available. For Kieu, face masks are neither a novelty nor fashion statement but rather a necessity in our new normal.

How do I order face masks and how long until I can get them?

We are pretty low tech when it comes placing an order. You may order our face masks through several, one-on-one mediums:

1. Sending a private message in our Facebook page.
2. Calling our shop at 780-426-4654 during business hours.
3. E-mailing us at

Please tell us:
Your Full Name
Your cell number
how many masks you would like (female/ male preference if possible)

You will receive a response between 2-3 business days. We will text you regarding pre-payment and confirm the pick-up date and time. Wait times will vary depending on the order. 


We do not text notifications when the order is ready due to the capacity of orders. Thank you.

Do you deliver?

We try to service all of Edmonton but we are no longer able to provide delivery service. We may mail the masks to you with an additional postage fee. 

Why are your masks inconsistent in pattern and colours? Why can’t I get solid colours or choose what I want?

It has unfortunately been difficult to source material as most fabric suppliers have either closed or have a limited selection of coloured cotton to choose from. To ensure we could keep the price of each mask reasonable for our clients, cotton materials in a variety of prints and colours are used in our masks and will be sold at random. Alternatively, you may place a special order for singular colors for $8 each (depends on color availability)
The variety of print and colours also ensure that our masks are not resold for profit and remain available for our community.

Do you make pocket masks for filter inserts?

Yes, we do make 2-layered face masks with pockets upon request and due to additional labour, the cost is $8 each.

What size are your face masks?

We offer a standard size that fits most with elastics ear loops that can be knotted to adjust the fit. If you require a larger mask (ie. individuals with strong jaw lines) or Kids sizes (3-6 years old), just let us know!

We can also make elastic around the head, ties or with adjustable nose wire if requested ($9+)

We have new sizes for bearded gentlemen, Lumberjack (trimmed full beard) or the Viking (Full, long beards) $10+gst).

How many layers are your masks?

Our masks are generally 2 to 3-layered of breathable cotton material. We use a variety of densities from cotton jersey, cotton denim, cotton twill etc. Pocket masks are 2-layers.

Are your masks imported?

No, our masks are 100% locally made right in our beloved shop!

If I have fabric, would you make masks for me?

We can make custom masks starting at $9/mask, depending on the material you have. This is because we must halt production to focus on your order. Thank you for your understanding.

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